Privacy & Cookie Policy

General rule

The use of your personal information on this website is pretty straightforward. The general rule is: Any voluntarily provided information will be collected, used and processed for the purpose connected to the provision of those data. Any other data will only be collected if necessary to provide this website technically to you, or you have declared your consent in the collection, use and processing of your data. That’s it.

If you leave comments

In particular, any data posted in commentaries will be pubslished accordingly to the world along with your details you entered for posting (but not your e-mail address and IP-address; those will be collected to ensure your identity, and to get in touch with you on your comment if you ask for). Please note, this website is using SpamKarma2 to identify and reject spam comments (that is actually all this plug-in is able to… so no further content filtering!) and set up in a way not to share your website or IP address for that process.

If you want to share content

You have also the possibility to share or bookmark an article on this website using the “share/bookmark”-link at the bottom of each article. Please note, by doing so you will provide additional data as mentioned in the respective privacy policies of your social media provider (including, but not limited to your IP address and your profile details) to the provider you selected from the table which opens after you click the link for sharing. If you do not want to share that data with your social media provider, please do not use the social media sharing/bookmarking function on this website (without using the functionality, no personal information will be provided).

If you want to register with

If you decide to register, feel free! Your name, alias, e-mail address, website and IP-address will be collected, used and processed for you having a profile on this website, and to post commentaries directly with your related information (alias, and if you want also additional details you have chosen to publish).


This website drops cookies to give you a better user experience during your visit. However, these cookies’ functionality is limited to the purpose of setting the right time zone, to recognize you as a registered user and store your preferences on this website for logged in users. Advertisement cookies are banned from this website.

3rd party

Any other collection, use and processing of your IP-address and browser header data is restricted to the technical provision of this website and will be handled by (Hauptstraße 68, 02742 Friedersdorf ).

Your rights

If you want to have your data corrected or deleted, please let me know. Keep in mind, further visits to this website will trigger collection, use and processing of your personal information again. And, if you are not able to comply with basic human behaviour (i.e. using hate speech or spam my site), I will delete your account and/or comments (as soon as I get aware of it – please give me a hint!).